About Eric

Who is Eric?

Eric Schreffler was born in 1968 in Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Growing up, he was surrounded by music. His mother played piano, and his brother and uncles played guitars. Eric, his brother and his cousins would play musical instruments and sing at every family reunion.  Eric was also a great art student in school where his high school art teacher told him that he had an amazing artistic ability and that he should pursue art as a career. Instead, He joined the United States Air Force. In the military, he and his fellow service men played in various bands.  He was stationed at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina where he met his wife of 25 years, Tracy. Together they have two wonderful sons, Dylan and Dalton. He and his family still reside in NC. Eric has a BS in Information Technology and has worked in this field for the past 25 years.  

     Still, the need to release his creativity still existed. His love for art and music blossomed.  Starting out painting abstract pieces he discovered that the type of music could and would change the dynamic of the colors and movement of the piece. He pursued using the music as an engine for discovery. Naming of the painting took place by naming the pieces after songs within the playlist. It would give the client and idea of what was happening during the exploration process. Airbrushing can later after the desire to do some more realistic pieces. Very Realistic. Going to the leader in photo-realistic airbrush painting, Dru Blair, allowed him to learn under the best. So now he can two escapes. One is very detailed and very rewarding. The other is random, fun, fast and messy but just as rewarding. The biggest trick for me has always been to mix the two. I continue to push for something new, different and most importantly, beautiful. 

     The ability to fuse music into his art has given him a fantastic style that blends music and art. His works are created using several different Medias including airbrushing, stenciling, collage, and music all on canvas.​

Worked and learned Under

Bob Rankin - Abstract

Joe Digiulio - Abstract

Craig Frazier - Airbrush

Dry Blair - Airbrush

Paul McCormack - Oil Portait

Casey Baugh - Oil Portrait